9 April 2010

"Everywhere is good, where we are not present"*

In London it is snowing in the night.
Forecast, which was the cause of
class cancelation at university,
is becoming true.

Behind the window white flakes are flying
to finally land on the Earth
because of the gravitation force.

It’s snowing. White, wet snow.
World become more like from the tale...

It is almost like in Tatra Mountains...
But there is no Tatras behind the window.
There is only a flat street
and a line of houses in front of me.
There is only snow –
that snow,
although the amount is not as big as in the Mountains...

It’s snowing. White down.
It is covering streets like a coat...

It is almost like in Poland.
But there is neither Poswiecka Street
nor Pilsudskiego…
Behind the window I see the writing: “London Road”
covered with the snow…

However, fortunately,
human is not a fungus –
human can move.

*It is a polish adage. That is why it is in quotation marks.


Liam said...

Looks like you're missng Poland? Have you been away long? Any plans to come back?

Take care

atrament said...

I only sometimes miss Poland... I'm generally happy where I am now :)

Thank you for the comment :)